Comprehensive Physical Therapy Treatment

An expansive, well-equipped program, Reliant's Physical Therapy Services are designed to meet the needs of orthopedic patients working their way back from sports or work related injuries.

Our in-clinic physical therapists work directly with our medical providers to create a treatment plan. We will work with you to develop and oversee a plan of rehabilitation specific to the needs of your patients. 

From patient evaluation through treatment sessions, you will receive ongoing progress reports sent directly to you or hand carried by your patient at appointment time.

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Injuries, no matter their cause, are never ideal. But being injured on the job can be especially problematic.

Physical therapy is a key component of the recovery process for injured workers, allowing them to return to work and live an active lifestyle without pain.

Our physical therapy team can help employees recover from work-related injuries, as well as provide preventative care to help workers avoid future injuries. We provide our clients with a thorough and attentive rehabilitation, helping them to achieve a faster recovery.

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Physical therapy is a key component of the recovery process for injured workers.

Physical therapists are the providers of choice for evaluating and treating people with many medical conditions, including those affecting muscles, joints, bones, or nerves.

Our licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants focus on relieving pain, restoring function, and strengthening compromised areas.

You do not need a doctor's referral to see a Physical Therapist in California. All states and the District of Columbia allow direct access to a physical therapist.

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doctor and patient in wheelchairYou may need physical therapy if you cannot do your normal daily activities, need help to manage pain, or restore mobility after surgery, injury, or illness.


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Get instant access to the Pre-Work Warm-Up (Start-of-Shift & Post-Lunch Stretching Routine) Quick Guide for you and your team.

Reliant recommends that most people should perform flexibility exercises for each of the major muscle-tendon groups (shoulders, chest, neck, torso, lower back, hips, front of legs, back of legs, and ankles) at least two days a week.

Download our warm-up routines that focuses on legs, knees, arms, hands, and neck. 

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