Fit Worker Program

What is the Fit Worker Program?

Reliant's Fit Worker Program is an effective way for employers to reduce workers' compensation costs, improve worker morale, and enhance employee well-being.

Our comprehensive approach to post-offer employment testing (POET), fit-for-duty testing, and preventative measures like ergonomics, wellness education, and stretching programs can help your business create a safe and healthy work environment. 

Learn more about the direct and indirect costs of workplace injuries

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Cost of a Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries and illnesses result in both direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs comprise of workers' compensation payments, medical expenses, and legal fees.

Indirect costs include expenses related to training replacement workers, conducting accident investigations, and implementing corrective measures, as well as lost productivity, equipment and property repairs, and the expenses associated with decreased employee morale and absenteeism.

Learn how workplace injuries can impact your premiums

Costs of an Injury


Costs of an Injury Iceberg

Impact on Premiums - Single Claim w/ Fracture

Assuming a base premium of $160,000, with no previous claims, and a mod rate of .66

Mod Rate Increase

Based on an existing Mod Rating of 0.66, a single claim with fracture can increase your Mod Rating by 0.15.

Increase Premiums

Even with no previous claims, a single claim with fracture can increase your premiums by $24k/yr over 3 years.

High Indirect Costs

Depending on your organization, a single claim with fracture could have indirect costs totalling $127k, or more.


Post-Offer Employment Testing

We provide Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET) to ensure that your new hires are physically capable of performing their job duties. This testing is designed to identify potential issues before they become injuries, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and workers' compensation claims. 

✓ Test applicants on ability to perform the actual physical demands of the job

✓ Administer after conditional offer of employment made but before hire

✓ Gives Red, Yellow, and Green rating (High Risk, Caution, and Safe Hire)

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Benefits of POET

We provide post-offer employment testing (POET) to ensure that your new hires are physically capable of performing their job duties.

✓ Reduce Lost Work Days

✓ Reduce Application Fraud

✓ Legally Defensible

✓ Reduce Workers' Comp Rates

✓ Reduce Employee Turnover

✓ Compliant with ADA & EEOC Laws

✓ Restore Quality of Employees

✓ Reduce Mod Rates

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The University of Chicago Physical Plant implemented a post-offer employment testing (POET) program for their applicants and new hires and got an 18:1 ROI with Physical Abilities Testing:

✓ 712 screenings over 3 years

✓ 98% decrease in costs

✓ 90% decrease in injuries

✓ 81% decrease in cost/case

✓ 79% decrease in workers' comp

Source: Littleton, M. Work 21 (2003) 243–250


POET Predictability for New Hires

A total of 247 applicants underwent POET testing for highway heavy-maintenance jobs, and all of them were hired.

The testing was conducted over a period of 18 months. The study found that 42% of those who were predicted to be at HIGH RISK ended up being injured on the job.

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Percentage injured per category

Providing a level of service no other occupational medicine provider can claim

Our approach to injured employees—tailoring their medical care and treatment plans to individual needs, then closely monitoring their progress—can reduce the number of workers who drop out of treatment prematurely, reducing rates of unnecessary disability and lost-duty days.

Transportation Available

Patient transportation is available for work injuries. (Contact us for details)

Employer Portal

Self-service portals for quick access to visit results, reports, and other information.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs and delays associated with workers' comp claims.

Additional Service Offerings

Healthy Worker Audits

Health Worker Audits (HWAs) are important because it helps to indicate whether there is a need for job modification or intervention, which can ultimately lead to better job performance and satisfaction for the employee.

✓ Same assessment as the POET

✓ Can be done periodically

✓ Before job transfer

✓ Return from FMLA

✓ Indicates needs for job modification or intervention

By conducting regular HWAs, employers can ensure that they are providing their employees with the support they need to succeed in their roles.

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Functional Capacity Evaluation

An evaluation of functional capacity, also known as FCE, is a series of tests aimed at identifying an individual's physical abilities, functional limitations, endurance for activities, and tolerance for work.

✓ Extensive 4 hour assessment

✓ Before returning to work after injury

✓ Reimbursable by WC insurance

✓ Reduce risk of re-injury

✓ Indicated needs for job modifications

✓ Validates if the individual is giving full effort

✓ Objective and legally defensible

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