Rapid Diagnostics

Empowering proactive healthcare decisions

Driven by our industry-leading turnaround time, analytical solutions, and customer service, Reliant is elevating the quality of patient care with retail diagnostic testing and screening.

Our mission is to equip our patients, healthcare providers, and communities with innovative diagnostic strategies that allow individuals to take a proactive approach to healthcare.

STD Testing

COVID-19 Testing

Drug Testing & Toxicology

✓ Digital X-Rays

Flu Tests

✓ Point-of-Care Testing

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Simple, convenient, and affordable diagnostics

Knowledge that empowers healthcare consumers to make proactive decisions about their health.

Rapid Test Result Delivery

Our diagnostic testing result turnaround time is among the fastest in the industry.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing a superior client and patient experience.

Customizable Testing Strategies

We offer a comprehensive program that meets the needs of each individual organization.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing for your Organization

A COVID-19 screening strategy provides a convenient and easy way to ensure your workplace or school remains safe, and helps reduce the risk of infection by maintaining a healthy environment.

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COVID-19 Testing for Individuals

Rapid COVID testing for Los Angeles, surrounding areas, and international travel (located at LAX International Airport). Schedule an appointment at Reliant or one of our other community testing locations to determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19. 

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STD & STI Testing

Take charge of your health and take advantage of an efficient, reliable, and confidential STD test in Los Angeles with Reliant Healthcare.

Getting an STD/STI test isn’t only about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting your sexual partners, too. While routine testing won’t prevent you from getting an STD, it could catch a problem while it’s still treatable.

Early diagnosis and treatment of STDs will offer you the best chance of zero complications down the line and a clean bill of health once you’re done with treatment.

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Personal & Private Drug Testing

Whether you need a drug test for admission to school, probation, court, family/spouse/child, or employment purposes, we can provide the testing that is required. Your results will be kept strictly confidential.

We accept patients for drug testing if they request it. We do not require a reason for the test.

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Flu A & Flu B Tests

Early management  of the flu (more effective than later intervention) can help you return to your normal routine more quickly.

After a COVID-19 infection, some patients have reported experiencing flu-like symptoms that last for weeks to months. This is sometimes referred to as long COVID-19 syndrome or post-COVID-19 syndrome. If you've had COVID-19 and are having new or ongoing symptoms weeks to months after your initial recovery, a Reliant physician can help.

Reliant offers on-site vaccine clinics for COVID-19 and the flu.

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Rapid Test


Stop Wasting Time
Waiting in the E.R.

Always Open for
New Injuries


Providing a level of service no other occupational medicine provider can claim

Our approach to injured employees—tailoring their treatment plans to individual needs, then closely monitoring their progress—can reduce the number of workers who drop out of treatment prematurely, reducing rates of unnecessary disability and lost-duty days.

Streamlined Care

Streamlining the rapid diagnostics process with Snap Healthcare.

Employer Portal

Self-service portals for quick access to visit results, reports, and other information.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs and delays associated with workers' comp claims.


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